To create a world-first: A social media fuelled price-drop pop-up

Worth Pop Up

Advertising, Social Media, Web Design, Front end Development, Marketing, Printed Collateral

Worth is a Pop-up shop with a difference.
Limited edition objects designed and manufactured by students at Central Saint Martins start off with a price tag of £1,000,000. The twist is each time the Worth website is shared over social media, the price drops.

Worth Website

The aim of the pop-up shop was to raise funds for the Central Saint Martins – Graphics Degree Show in 2015. The event was a creative collaboration involving 94 Design and Interaction students.

The Concept

Worth was a deliberately provocative experiment both in its message and its marketing.
It questioned what we mean by “value”, who defines it, and what determines what an object is really worth. By calculating a value for each user’s Tweet or Facebook status and displaying its impact on reducing the overall price, the Worth website created the perfect conditions for self-propagated viral spread.

It demonstrated the power of the crowd in action: people working together to dictate the ultimate price.

Users saw their impact live on the counter

As team leader for Online Publicity, Ben came up with the original idea for the million pound pop-up price drop that fuelled the marketing campaign. He designed the Worth website and developed it in collaboration with Sion Fletcher & Anand Savjani

Tote Bags

Street posters, tote bags, t-shirts and social media assets were designed by Sidney
Photographed by Studio Hyte


Hand screen printed posters
Photographed by Studio Hyte

The Impact

1.7 million Facebook impressions in under 4 days, price tag reduced by £999,949.88 in 17 days, trending on Twitter in London & crashed university servers due to high traffic.

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Team Leaders

Online Publicity: Ben Silvertown, Nina Kristine Hagen / Print Publicity: Kate Fridlyanskaya, Jack Guy / Sponsorship: Tatiana Aspinwall, Sophie Khoury / Branding: Arjun Harrison-Mann, Jordan Gamble, Ben Cain, Rebecca Thompson / Events: Sydney Johnson, Sophie Helf / Venue: Melissa Bramall, Lucy Maitre / Retail Design: Stefan Abrahams, Kelsey Freeman