To package holidays into lifestyle

Forever Holidays

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Branding, Social Media, Web Design, UX/UI, Audio Visual

Our comprehensive re-brand allowed niche holiday operator Forever Holidays to gain a competitive edge on their rivals.

Brand Video

We distilled their core ethos into three words – People, Places, Parties. We harnessed the power of social identity to transform a package holiday company into a lifestyle brand. Forever Holidays became We Are Forever.

User Journey

We identified touch points and re-structured the whole digital experience to make it more coherent and visually compelling.

Home page walk–through

The website outlines the scope of the brand and exploits registration prompts to unlock information about the holidays.

Castle & Croatia destination logos

Amsterdam & Ibiza destination logos

Expandable Identity Kit

We built an identity kit that could be applied to any future destination.

Destination Page

We also designed a holiday template page which allowed Forever Holidays to easily replicate our design throughout their destinations, a versatile and expandable system for an aspiring global brand.

We focused on the key appeal of sharing the experience with like-minded people: you do not just buy a holiday but you become part of a group.


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