To reconnect millennials with the BBC – Pencil Winner

Surge powered by the BBC

Creative Direction, Art Direction, UI/UX, Mobile, Webdesign, Digital Products, Social, Animation

D&AD Newblood awards 2015
The brief was to design an innovative user experience (UX) to re-engage the ‘always on’ youth of today with the BBC’s multi-channel content.

The Solution

Surge is a social-voting-fuelled multi-device, multi-media platform. It connects young people to BBC content using a hybrid of tailored, live & popular feeds.

The Package

A 2-minute video to pitch the idea of Surge and showcase the user interfaces for desktop, tablet, mobile and native apps.

Stories are full screen and immersive

When swiped, stories flow into static content holders, creating animated transitions

Intuitive & Quick browsing

Switch instantaneously between the 3 different streams of online stories: Surging, Tailored, and Live.
Toggle between them by double tapping the screen, and swiping up or down to the desired feed of choice.

The headlines in your hands

Surge’s democratic social voting platform allows you to shape the news agenda and voice what matters. Simply click to ‘surge’ or push your favourite stories up the list.

Surge responsive website

The Surge website is responsive so you can stay up-to-date with latest trending stories wherever you are.

See the full feature list

Surge Feature List and read about all the surge interface features