To stop people in their tracks scroll

Linier Re-Brand

Branding, Art Direction, Social Media

The challenge was for up-and-coming dance producers, Linier, to stand out on Soundcloud and social media.
Our approach was radical - a set of illusions that could only be seen whilst scrolling. The aim was to create the digital equivalent of a double-take..

Main logo and wordmark
Try the illusion

Scroll up and down quickly on this page to reveal the face and read the obscured text


Built a customised typeface off Knockout Full Liteweight for Liniers logo

Designing the illusion

Using the principles of motion perception, we exploited the use of high contrast lines to obscure both text and imagery. This attention-grabbing visual style reflected Linier’s confident and energy-driven sound.

Linier’s Soundcloud page
A listener’s response to Linier’s new artwork

Facebook post template

Remix template

Linier’s Facebook